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[vc_row][vc_column][tm_heading tag=”h5″ custom_google_font=”” font_weight=”500″ text=”Since we’ve been spending our time answering these emails and how to be a travel blogger, we thought it would be better for us to write a post about it. We had people share their stories and they have gone over really well. But people had several questions about how to get a job, how do you make money traveling, and save money abroad. It made us realize that we should write an in-depth post about how to get paid to travel the world.” font_size=”lg:18″ line_height=”1.94″][tm_spacer size=”lg:45″][tm_heading tag=”div” custom_google_font=”” text=”We earn a high six-figure income by running a travel blog, but we’ve also learned a lot from our friends and colleagues about other ways they make money. So, we’ve rounded up the first-hand experiences of people we know or have met during our seven years of full-time travel that get paid to travel the world.”][tm_spacer size=”lg:50″][tm_image image_size=”custom” align=”center” image=”107″ image_size_width=”770″ image_size_height=”510″][tm_spacer size=”lg:46″][tm_heading tag=”div” custom_google_font=”” text=”If our inbox is any indication, many people are looking for ways to travel and make money, and we thought that we’d share a few resources and tips with you on how to make your dream a reality. If you want to make money traveling, the first step is investing in yourself. Superstar Blogging allows you to do that.”][tm_blockquote text=”If you want to make money traveling, the first step is investing in yourself. Superstar Blogging allows you to do that.”][tm_heading tag=”div” custom_google_font=”” text=”We had to live frugally for a while so we traveled to Asia where our dollar could stretch the farthest. Central and South America are other great options for saving money while traveling. We feel that it is important for a travel blogger to have experience traveling, so the sooner you can manage to get on the road and share your stories, photos, and videos, the better. (Source:”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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